Lew Palm: software development & freelancer connectör


You need to get work done in your company, but finding highly skilled, reliable, team-oriented software developers is difficult?

Recruitment agencies are sending you tons of candidates who don't fit?

I solve your problem and find the right freelancers for you. My unique selling point is that I am a senior developer myself and I do the assessment for you. I find, choose, interview, and test the candidates before I present them to you (and you don't have to pay for it or to make any commitments).

The process: How to get your developer

  1. You contact me and we chat about your needs. I learn the key facts about your situation, languages used, the technology stack, your industry, and your team.
  2. I choose a fist full of suitable candidates from my freelancer pool and my partners' freelancer pools.
  3. I contact the candidates and have a 2-hour interview with each of them. I do a pair programming test in your project's programming language with them.
  4. Only very capable developers who fit into your team will be introduced to you. I sort out all the fakers, juniors, and non-team players.
  5. The only thing you pay is the developer's work per hour.

Bottom line

No obligations for you, no costs for you. I do the work, find and choose the best developers for you. I get my money as a percentage of the developers' hourly rates.

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